Get on yer bike! TDF2015

Monday 27th July 2015

You might be waking up to the celebrations of Chris Froome's victory in a rather large bike race in France on Sunday. 

No doubt thousands of ‘budding’ cyclists will have dragged out their pushbikes from the back of the garage and polished off the cobwebs following a newfound enthusiasm for biking! 

So, before you go ahead and pull a hamstring, here are a few top tips for those contemplating tackling their own version of the Tour this weekend!

Flat: If you’re sticking to the flats, avoid coasting on slight declines; keeping the pedals turning will train your legs to match the effort needed to cruise. Also, periodically click up and down a gear; the variation will keep your legs feeling fresher.

Hills: After a lengthy warm up, find a climb that takes at least three minutes. For one minute, ride at the fastest pace you could sustain for the whole climb, then shift one or two gears harder, get out off the saddle (that’s the seat for us novices) and sprint for 20 seconds. After, resume your climbing pace for a further for two minutes. Recover with a cool down.

Just writing this is making some of the B Team sweat so we’re going to don our yellow jerseys, put our feet up and celebrate a fantastic British win in this year's Tour De France!  #TDF2015 #TourDeFrance2015!

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#BackBoocla today! :-)