The ‘Swiss Army Knife of jackets’

Monday 27th July 2015

 Kickstarter is globally trending for the second time in a week!

The second project that has people talking is more ‘down to earth’ than Armstrong’s spacesuit, which received a huge surge in backing when it launched last week.

The BauBax jacket is now the most funded fashion item in crowdsourcing history, receiving over $1.6 million with 41 days left to get it off the ground.

The jacket combines 15 different features, including a built-in neck pillow, eye mask and hood, glove inside the sleeves, earphone holders, a pocket that doubles up as a drinks holder and a zipper than detaches and becomes a pen stylus hybrid.

BauBax , which has stayed true to its slogan of ‘creative lifestyle’, plans to sell the jacket for $160 each once it hits the retail market. Congratulations BauBax on a brilliant idea.


Check out the BauBax jacket here:

Don’t forget, of course, that Boocla offers a load of nifty features too…!

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