The benefits of group excercise

Monday 20th July 2015

Why we should be embracing group fitness classes and why they will never go out of style...

For many, group exercise classes are something to be avoided at all costs. One hour of sweating uncontrollably, gasping for breath to aggressively pounding beats at the back of the room, trying not to get noticed by the caffeine-dosed instructor. Sound familiar? It needn’t. 

Group exercise classes are more than just loud music and shouts of encouragement. These short blocks of time offer a regularity and structure around your fitness routine that will increase your chances of meeting your goals, as well as providing social opportunities, physical benefits and psychological support. 

Social Opportunities

Attending a fitness class gets you out of the house and meeting new people. You’re far more likely to have fun exercising in a group environment, to uplifting music, than with your headphones in and working out alone. Your fellow classmates, along with an instructor, will also challenge you to work beyond your perceived limitations. 

Physical benefits

These points seem obvious, but there is more to a fitness class than: “I want to shrink my muffin top”. The large variety of group exercise classes available means that you can work out in a number of different ways in order to reach different goals.

If your goal is cardiovascular improvement, go for aerobics, spinning, boxcercise or step. If you’re after muscular endurance and strength, try body pump or bootcamp. Rest assured, you’ll never get bored. 

Today, fitness classes go beyond neon, spandex and high-kicks. As well as aerobics, the pioneering fitness class of the '80s, the types of classes available today are endless, from old favourites like step and boxercise to hula hooping and ballet barre.

Boocla allows you to search any class in the world that piques your interest, based upon your location. It also connects you to other class-goers so that you can read reviews before you choose to sign up. 

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