The brilliance of crowdfunding

Monday 6th July 2015

A decade ago start-ups had to rely on working capital, bank loans and savings to provide the means to realise a business concept.

Crowdfunding has risen to popularity in recent years, born from the digital era of online networking and sharing. With an ever-increasing global marketplace, entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to raise capital virtually and quickly. Take “Reading Rainbow” for example, an app aimed to instill the love of reading and learning in children, which achieved its goal of raising $1 million in less than a day.

The brilliance of crowdfunding is in the support and structure it provides to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to capital. Kickstarter provides a stage to showcase creative ideas and enables the raising of funds without the impediment of a valuation, forecast or scalable model. Boocla is no ordinary webpage booking app; from its original features to the smooth design of its user interface. But what makes Boocla interesting is its rise to popularity due to demand for an amazing class booking web app. We aim to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter, which means Boocla will have been entirely crowdfunded.

Kickstarter also allows investors the chance to be a part of the project by providing them with a sense of community and ownership. Investors ‘win’ also – with a 30-day funding goal, on Kickstarter investors can contribute to Boocla $1 and upwards. The average investment on Kickstarter is $25. In return investors receive rewards rather than equity in the businesses. For example, a $25 investment in Boocla will return an investor two-months Boocla subscription worth almost $40, 50 free business cards and a Boocla training bag. Collectively, those crowdfunding the project have the opportunity to help bring a business to market.


Crowdfunding through platforms such as Kickstarter have re-shaped the journey of the start-up business and enabled thousands of business ideas to come to fruition.

If you’re interested in being part of a successful class booking webpage app head to our Kickstarter page here