The why & how of crowdfunding

Wednesday 8th July 2015

In an era of online networking and sharing, ‘crowdfunding’ has become the rising star for start-ups, democratising the entrepreneurial landscape. To succeed in the new world of start-ups, all you need now is a laptop and a great idea.

The benefits of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs are obvious – it provides support and structure to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to capital. However, the benefits of a crowdfunded project extend far beyond funds for both entrepreneurs and those who invest.

As a class / course booking web application for small businesses, Boocla is a product that promotes shared experiences – whether that’s taking a language class with friends or signing up to a spinning class to meet like-minded people. Crowfunding Boocla has provided us with the opportunity to speak to the people that Boocla is for before the product even launches, learning about them, their experiences and their needs, to help shape our product to be the best that it can be for them. 

Getting involved in a crowdfunding project is also great for investors, who will not only have their suggestions heard in shaping a great product, but also provide them with a sense of community and ownership.

When investors pledge cash to a project on Kickstarter, money will only leave their account if / when the project meets its funding target. If the project succeeds, investors receive rewards from the project – for example, investors who pledge $25 to Boocla will receive 2 months free subscription worth $40, 50 free business cards and a Boocla training bag. Unlike investing in regular start-ups, there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So how can you invest? It takes 60 seconds…

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