Top 10 traits of great fitness instructors

Tuesday 21st July 2015

Team Boocla is made of all different body shapes and sizes.

Some of us are die-hard fitness addicts and others are, well let’s just say, not so much. But we do all appreciate the need to get our bodies moving and at one time, although it may be a decade or so ago, we have attended a fitness class or two.

Most fitness classes come with instructors, as you might already know. Over coffee we decided on our top 10 traits of a fitness instructor and thought we’d share them with you - because we’re like that...

Number 1

Swagger. Yes swagger. We’ve decided that we like our instructors with a bit of swagger. If they win the room then they own the class and can kick your …

Number 2

Energy. We like our instructors to have plenty of energy.

Number 3

Meeting our neighbours. When you’re likely to be sharing the same sweaty air as the people in front, behind and each side of you, you’ll probably want to know their name, so we like instructors that encourage you to make friends.

Number 4

A great catch phrase. In our opinion all great fitness instructors have one from Mr Motivator to Richard Simmons.

Number 5

Playlist. If you’re going to work out you need a great playlist. All good instructors have great playlists.

Number 6

To the beat. As well as having a great playlist your instructor must match the music to the beat. The band was NSYNC not ‘OUT OF SYNC’.

Number 7

Noise. We’re a pretty rowdy bunch. If we’re in a fitness class that calls for some noise then we want an instructor that let’s us make it.

Number 8

High five. That’s right we’re not just coffee drinking, noise making creatives with like a good old high five every now and then.

Number 9

Rituals. There’s nothing better than a cool down at the end of a high-energy class and when you’re all wobbles and look like a beetroot having a ritual and going on autopilot is just what you need.

Number 10

Cheerleading. There’s a time and place for encouragement and the fitness class is definitely one. We don’t mind a little motivation (or a lot) when we’re trying to get our exercise on.

So there you have it our top 10 instructor traits.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more about Boocla (and less about how to be a ‘good’ fitness instructor). #BackBoocla