Update - day 3

Wednesday 8th July 2015

With one co-founder remaining bed-bound, the Boocla social media rockets Gemma and Hannah are reporting on the events of day 3.

Our Kickstarter campaign is in full swing, and we have yet to take our foot off the accelerator.

 We may be one man down, but today has been full of online activity. It’s projects like this that make you realise just how buzzing the digital landscape really is.  Today saw the launch of our PPC, re-marketing and Facebook advertising campaign to raise the awareness of social media. We are still experiencing fantastic levels of engagement on Twitter with local figures in Guernsey to start-up whizzes in the USA.

 Engaging with people on social media is a far cry from the days of emailing. Social media promises almost instant engagement and responses, and reaches far beyond the limitations of a clustered inbox.

 One big victory of the day was having Boocla covered on realitycrowdTV, thanks to influential blogger Manolis Sfinarolakis. Gaining endorsement from major players in the industry is a simple step that can go a very long way.  A retweet from one popular, credible account can fire a tweet from the tiny idyllic island of Guernsey straight across the Atlantic to the USA, and to eyeballs online all around the world in just a matter of seconds.

 With coverage ranging from online forums, the Jersey Pages, UK blogs and the North Carolina Headlines, we’re getting the word out and are loving seeing it spread #BackBoocla. 

 Day 3 in 3 words:  Never underestimate retweets