Update - day 4

Thursday 9th July 2015

4 days into the campaign and our pledges are continuing to rise.

The hard work that we have been putting in through social media and press channels is starting to pay off, as the frequency of our Google alerts is increasing, notifying us each time that our story is picked up by news outlets, blogs and forums across the UK and USA.

We’ve also been contacted directly by people who own small businesses, ranging from music schools to karate clubs and business seminars, keen to find out more about Boocla. It’s encouraging to see that the demand for a product like Boocla is strong in so many different industries and locations. 

The highlight of day 4 was the invitation to interview on ITV News Channel Islands, where co-founder Pete had the opportunity to talk about Boocla and our Kickstarter story so far, in between being told off for swinging on his chair and staging some “generic pointing shots” for the camera.

 Still, after take 103, we nailed it…pretty much.

Day 4 in 4 words: Take 103…ready…action!