Variety is the spice of life

Thursday 16th July 2015

One of the great aspects of Boocla is the value that it provides for class-goers, as well as instructors and tutors.

Through using Boocla, people can search classes that they are interested in based upon their location anywhere in the world. Rather than sticking to the same old routine and facilities,  Boocla provides unlimited possibilities of ways to keep fit – you could be attending a spinning class one week, and then a dance fit class the next!

Lyndon Farnham, who last year launched the online business, which allows access to exclusive gyms and spas through a single membership, said Boocla was extremely innovative.

‘I am excited to see this project coming from Oi Labs, the digital arm of Channel Islands award-winning marketing agency Oi, not to mention the fact Boocla has launched on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform; Kickstarter. Having established I can clearly see demand for such an application, where bookings and payments can be made quickly and easily, for small businesses running classes or courses - especially those in the health and fitness industry. I’d encourage anyone interested to #BackBoocla and check out the Kickstarter page where pledges can be made for as little as $1. If the Boocla team makes its $25,000 target in the next 30 days I can’t wait to see phase one of the web app launched in October this year.’

Thanks Lyndon, we can’t wait to see the app launched in October either…!